Review of ATEMI 13

Review of Sleeperkid’s WorldATEMI 13 – 22 mins

We fade in to Sumiko standing in a high cut, sexy and shiny one piece suit. Nicole sneaks up on her and applies a hand over mouth smother. Sumiko’s eyes roll and her head lolls as she succumbs to the smother. When Sumiko is completely out, Nicole lifts her into an over the shoulder carry and carries her off screen. Following suit with previous Atemi clips, Sumiko and Nicole do several scenes in which there are quick attacks followed by a knockout and removal from the screen (over the shoulder carry, body dragging, etc). A few of the scenes are a treat as they end with the ladies perfect backsides on display. The final scene has Nicole and Sumiko inflicting a double hand over mouth smother to one another. They’re just about out on their feet when they then simultaneously deliver the finishing solar plexus shot. The clip ends with both Asian beauties KO’d with their faces down and their booties up.

A new entry into the growing Atemi series and for once i can say this is not a favorite series of mine, although I don’t have anything against it and I do enjoy most of them. Like this one. This one really toes the line between a sentry girls video and an Atemi video.  It’s all sneak attacks a KOs, although not over the top like you would more commonly see in a sentry girls video. Of course there’s plenty of the namesake belly punches in there too, but a lot of other get KO toys as well. It really goes without saying, but I’m going to say it anyway, Nicole and Sumiko are fantastic in this and for me they are the biggest selling point of this video. Their storied history has proven that they make great partners and better enemies. It’s always great to see Nicole and Sumiko go at it and this time is no different. Also having tons of KOs Jammed in and them both wearing sexy shiny one pieces and boots helps too. In my opinion, fans of sentry girls or Atemi or just fans of Sumiko vs Nicole can all enjoy this video.

Overall Score: 9/10