Review of Ask and you shall receive

Review of Defeated Ask and you shall receive – 19 mins

Stella challenges Zahra to “Show me how you choke me”, a challenge Zahra gladly accepts. Almost immediately Stella gets wrapped into a Dragon Sleeper, then a Sleeper Hold with some hand smothering mixed in. This already has Stella on the ground gasping for air. It doesn’t get any better unfortunately for her as Zahra is just getting started. Next for Stella is a brutal back bending sleeper hold with even more hand over mouth smothering. Stella eyes start to go wide and roll back as she struggles to stay conscious. A side head scissors and more smothering comes next and then Zahra gives Stella a bit of breather, not wanting Stella KO’d just yet. Stella after getting to catch her breath for a bit get trapped right back in that side head scissors and hand over mouth smother again, then Zahra goes back to the sleeper smother combo that has Stella right on the edge of consciousness. A final two handed smother KOs Stella. A leg hook pins seals the deal on Zahra’s victory and a victory pose marks the end of the day for Stella. Careful what you ask for next time Stella.

More Defeated action for you guys and another beautiful defeat of the wonderful Stella at the hands of Zahra. This is another great showing of Stella’s selling skills and another one of those vids where Stella’s mouth gets her in trouble. I always like situations like this, where you start with a confident jobber who just gets completely crushed. It’s always great when Stella is that jobber, she is such a great looking girl and she can sell every defeat like no other, also her flexibility make a lot the holds look even more brutal. I’m not a huge fan of the HOM smothers, mainly because I love to see their tongues hanging out as they struggle and that makes this one a little painful as just about every chance she got Stella hand her tongue out, but then another hand smother takes it away from me. Luckily Stella eyes can tell her story just as well and there are a ton of great eye reactions from Stella in this one. Overall it’s a pretty good squash match, as I said, always great to see Stella selling the jobber role like a pro. I could do without so much HOM smothers, but at least I still had some great eyerolling to help me enjoy this one a bit more.

Overall Score: 8.5/10