Review of Asia Perez is Knocked Out on Vacation

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Review of Funhouse ClipsAsia Perez is Knocked Out on Vacation – 4.5 Mins

AsiaAsia Perez was enjoying her vacation at a fancy hotel down here, everything was going great until Cousin Loco was buying some water and seen this sexy gal going back to her room. Of course Loco being such a thirsty guy that he is instantly reacted by running up behind her and scaring the living daylights out of her. This guy never stops but that’s why we love how he does it, he has good taste in scaring sexy girls and today Asia Perez was the latest lady on his long list of limp fetish fun with sleepy girls he had the opportunity to play with. So the second Asia fainted he manage to catch her into his arms. It was awesome how shocked she was, she had no idea what even came up from behind but little does she know the fun is yet to begin. So now Loco lifts Asia up and carries her into the hotel room. It didn’t take long for him to figure out it was going to be another classic day of limb play fun. Asia looked so tiny in that big bed of hers. It was now time to move her around, cradle her like she was all his and get a very up close & personal look and even sniff of her yummy little feet!

Got another super cute and super tiny girl here in another clip from Funhouse. This is another quick and easy one and I do mean quick. Starting with a quick scare KO, which is actually a little too quick, you don’t get any expression or reaction from Asia, she kind of just falls over. Definitely need at least a little face reaction there, like a big jump from the scare then some eye rolling as she passes out. Then moving on to the cradle carry back to the room, absolutely nothing wrong here. Asia looks great being out cold and carried away. And lastly the limp play in the room, as very great stuff here too, picking Asia up, letting her flop limply around, and checking out her hands, feet and face, all good. In the end though, the whole clip doesn’t even last five minutes, which just leave me pleading for more, it’s just over so fast I really wish there was more KOs, and carries and limp play, just more of it all because it is really good, but just too short.

Overall Score: 8/10