Review of Asia Perez in Not Home Alone!

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Review of Funhouse ClipsAsia Perez in Not Home Alone! – 6 Mins

AsiaThis is what happens when hot sexy girls like Asia Perez is home all alone and leaves the door unlock. That’s when dudes like Creepy Bob who was watching her the past few days decided to enter into her home and get to know her. Of course Creepy Bob’s way of getting to know her is a bit different because he doesn’t plan to have a conversation with her as he plans to knock her sexy ass out and play with her. So while Asia was laying on the couch after work catching up on some rest Creepy Bob jumped on top of her and made her go to lala land with his special trick. After she was knocked out he started to move her sexy limp body around but that wasn’t enough. So he decided to lift her up and carry her around to see if he could take her somewhere else even though that didn’t work out for him. So it was back to the couch he goes this time he started to undress her and grope her some more. This sleepy beauty is so sexy and when he gave her a spread eagle we know for sure this dude is creep and we totally loved it!

Some more nice and quick Asia Perez sleepy action from Funhouse for you guys here. Again, the guys at Funhouse did a lot right with this one, with only one major gripe for me to complain about. And that is for the only KO is the video, Asia’s face is complete covered up, mostly by Creepy Bob’s hand, partially by the pillow on the couch and her hair, but that’s a major no no for me. Facial reactions are very important, so not being able to see any reaction at all, is a mistake. The rest of the video is much much better. There’s a nice carrying scene showing Asia from every angle as he walks around, there’s some good limp play before and after the carrying, there’s a little clothing remove as just her skirt is stripped off and a little cuddling there at the end, like Bob is about to watch some Netflix and chill with his new sleepy Asia toy. All that is stuff is great and at 6 mins I’m again left wanting more. More clothing removal, more KOs, to make up for the one before, more limp play, more carrying. As I said all that stuff is done really well. The way this was going I could see this being a 15-20 min clip ending this a naked Asia, and exhausted Creepy Bob, tired from chasing, carrying, KOing and playing with Asia, who would then be ready for his Netflix cuddle time on the couch. You start these vids of so well Funhouse, just got to see them all the way though.

Overall Score: 8/10