Review of Asia Perez in Limb Play!

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Review of Funhouse ClipsAsia Perez in Limb Play! – 4 Mins

asiaThe very sexy Asia Perez loves to have fun; she enjoys going out dancing and showing off that sexy body of hers. Well she just did that last night and was so tired from her night out that she couldn’t even keep her eyes open, she just fell asleep on the bed at The Funhouse today and what could we do but let her sleep. Well once we let our good friend Doctor Bob know that he was very concerned and came right over. Now we know Doctor Bob is crazy for tickling sexy girls all the time but this time he was very understanding that Asia wasn’t going to be his latest tickle victim but instead trying to see what is going on with her. So once he entered the room, he was so surprise that Asia would not respond to him as she was in such a deep sleep. So of course he knew this was time for some limb play fun which he enjoys very much. So the more he saw that she wasn’t responding to him the more he started messing around with her and having his fun. Doctor Bob might be a creepy guy but sure knows how to treat a lady!

This is an older Funhouse clips, so saying it’s short, doesn’t need to be said. It’s also really simple, not even having an opening KO. The limp play is good, lots of rolling Asia around, picking her up and letting her fall and the same with her limbs. Asia looks amazing, very cute and sexy outfit, although the camera is on a tripod, that doesn’t change angles. I did laugh at how unconcerned Bob was that Asia wasn’t waking up, just keeps threating to leave without her, which he eventually does. The whole time though, he wasn’t worried about Asia’s wellbeing at all. As I said this is an older one, but still, some good things come out of this one.

Overall Score: 8/10