Review of Ashley Wildcat vs Kathy: Fantasy Boxing

Review of Ashley Wildcat ProductionsAshley Wildcat vs Kathy: Fantasy Boxing – 10 mins

Kathy discovers a pair of cute boxing gloves and attempts to put them on. Just then Ashley storms in livid that Kathy’s got her filthy paws on her mitts! Ashley yanks them back, but Kathy’s unfazed as she can’t believe Wildcat boxes. Ready to put the arrogant Kathy in her place, Ashley challenges her to a boxing match on the spot! Both boxers score multiple knockdowns until one is laid out for good by a brutal uppercut. Will Ashley show Kathy who’s boss or will Kathy prove Ashley belongs on the mats and not the ring?

I’ve always been a big fan of Ashley Wildcat and I’ve always thought it’s a crying shame that she doesn’t lose much more often. She doesn’t lose here either, but it was on the losing side for a little bit and it’s boxing vid. Boxing vids have really become one of my favorite genres lately, POV or otherwise. This isn’t the best boxing video you’ll ever see, it’s more of just Ashley and Kathy having some fun, throwing hands, talking trash, scoring some knockdowns and eventually Ashley comes out top. She takes her victory pose and talks even more trash. It is fun to watch videos, even though it’s not the most well done thing I’ve seen. Both ladies look good, are high energy and really do seem to be having a good time putting on a show for us. There isn’t a KO at the end, although Kathy stays down for 10 count and doesn’t have much life left in her, but I always do prefer a total KO in the end. Anyway, I hope I can find some videos of Ashley losing in a boxing make and getting KO’s in the end. This was fun and all, but that’s what I really would love to see.

Overall Score: 8/10