Review of Ashley vs Allie: miniskirts

Review of Ashley Wildcat ProductionsAshley vs Allie: miniskirts – 10 Mins

AllieAshley is being brattier than ever and she attacks sweet Allie. Ashley gets Allie very much in the beginning with chokes, high kicks, punches and they end up in a double crazy scissor hold. But does Allie have enough of Ashley’s brattiness? Who will win?

How much trash talking is too much? I think everyone has a different answer for that question, some like little to none, while others love the Jessie Belles, Sapphires, and Sparrows (yes, Sparrow) of this world, with non-stop taunting and jeering and other, like Goldilocks, like something in the middle. I happen to love both sides, but often lean more towards the higher end. This video is definitely in the upper bracket as both Ashley and Allie have too much fun insulting each other, sometimes I felt like they forgot they were supposed to be fighting. But the do get into it eventually and it’s not a bad match. They both look fantastic in their miniskirts with their bellies showing. Ashely controls early with some dirty tactics, humiliation and submission hold, but later Allie come back with some tussling, hairpulling and submission holds of her own, walking away victorious. This is a lot a trash talk, mixed in with some back and forth fighting that ends in a submission. I would have loved a KO ending, but other than that this one is just fun.

Overall Score: 8/10