Review of Ashley Graham POV Boxing Defeat

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Review of Hit the MatAshley Graham POV Boxing Defeat – 9 Mins

ashAshley Graham comes to Hit the Mat and is ready to start swinging, at YOU! Unfortunately anger doesn’t equal skill or toughness, and Ashley finds herself getting beaten pretty quickly. Less than two minutes in, Ashley’s breast is popping out of her modest bikini top while she’s getting pummeled in the corner. Pretty soon both of her boobs are exposed as she gets beaten all over, and we do mean all over! Even low blows. Ashley won’t stay down without a fight and even manages to knock “you” down. It’s a rough boxing brawl with some dirty back and forth action but ultimately Ashley is the one who hits the mat for the 10 count KO.

Another quick POV match, from HTM where “you” come out on top. Ashley doesn’t go down without a fight though, as she turns out to be one of the scrappiest competitors, maybe next to Lucky O’Shea that you’ve faced so far. Even through all you’re tricks and cheap shots, even after being nearly out knocked out several times Ashley keeps fighting back till you eventually she goes down for good. This win is in a little less dominating fashion then most, but there are still plenty of knockdowns, some nice cheap shots and Ashley’s bikini top quickly becomes complete useless, so this is pretty much a topless match. It’s another nice POV match from HTM, check it out.

Overall Score: 8.5/10