Review of Arrogant Girl Is Humbled By Masked Man

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Review of Fetish Cuties Arrogant Girl Is Humbled By Masked Man – 23 Mins

KiraKira is standing in front of the mirror, dressed sexy, and in heels and tight dress. She’s talking about how pretty she is, how perfect her body is and how everyone wants her. A masked figure sneaks up on Kira and chokes her out. Kira’s eyes cross and her tongue hangs out while she struggles, but soon passes out. The masked character wants to humble Kira. They want to take pictures of her in humiliating positions and doing embarrassing things. He carries Kira to the couch and start playing with her face, pulling her tongue out and playing with her face. He takes pictures with his phone while he plays with her. Kira wakes up while he’s playing with her, but he chokes her out again and again, her tongue hangs out and her eyes cross. She even twitches for a while after she’s passed out. He now positions her in different ways while she’s knocked out and undress her along the way. He puts her in a sexy positions, lots of her butt in the air and showing off her private parts. He takes pictures of this too. Kira wakes again, only to be choked out again. Again, lots of eye crossing, tongue hanging out and she drools and twitches after passing out. The mask character now strips Kira completely, spreads her out on the couch and then choking her again, even though she’s out. Kira twitches more. Kira’s tongue is stuck out and she keeps twitching while he takes a few more pictures of her. He leaves Kira is still twitching. Kira wakes up a few hours later, she takes a little while to regain her senses and figure out what happened to her. She grabs her phone to call the cops, but notices an urgent message on her phone. She checks it and finds all the pictures that was taken of her while she was knocked out. She’s so freaked out that she passes out again.

Alright so here is a first, this is my first review for a video that I scripted. Now, I’d love to tell you that I’ll be unbiased, but you guys probably wouldn’t believe me. Especially because Kira and the man behind Fetish Cuties, the man behind the mask, absolutely killed this. I asked for a lot of the over the top reactions that I love so much and I got them. I didn’t see any noticeable drooling, but there was some nice twitching and lots of tongue protrusion. Kira sells amazing for all the choke outs, twitching enough, but not enough to make it ridiculous, Great eye crossing, even leaving her eyes open for a little while after she’s out, then slowly closing them and remembering to keep her tongue out all the time. There’s lots of excellent limp play, moving Kira around into lots of very sexy and humiliating positions. Kira is extremely sexy in her tight dress and sexy high heels, heels that stay on the whole time, which I didn’t ask for specifically, but I am really happy I got it. They totally nailed this scenario and I don’t think I’ve seen anyone something like this before. I really couldn’t be happier with the outcome. You’ve guys really have got to see this outstanding video, inspired by yours truly, mastered by Fetish Cuties.

Overall score: 10/10