Review of Arielle vs. Galas 2

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Review of Galas Balloons and Fetish ClipsArielle vs. Galas 2 – 15 mins

REMATCH between Arielle & Galas! Both desperate to win they both fight much harder this time with breast punishment, belly punching , face & cunt busting with brutal FACE SITTING punishment for loser at first in sexy white thong then completely nude. Short POV sequence in this clip as well.

A nice topless boxing video, with a fun/humiliating/unique and of course sexy punishment for the looser, from the lovely Galas. This starts out as a topless boxing match with nice belly punching and reactions, turns very sexy once Galas is able to KO Arielle. The boxing lasts for about half the video, it’s back forth right up until the KO. Then Galas carries Arielle over the bed and after a little bit of limp play, she start facesitting and posing over Arielle. I think it is very good to have a humiliation penalty for the loser. It gets even better when Galas takes off her tiny thong and does some more facesitting fully nude. Arielle wakes up and struggles a bit but soon passes out again from being smothered by the glorious cheeks of the lovely Galas. So, the boxing action was really good, some nice POV action mixed in and the facesitting humiliation stuff was great too, lots a victory poses mixed in as well. A nice combo making this one sexy vid.

Overall Score: 9/10

  • Wow!!! Galas looks so nice with that dark hair!!!

  • Galas is very sexy indeed! Would love to see her receive a belly punching defeat..

    • you are not the 1st person to say that. A lot of people do love a defeated Galas.

  • I vote “YES” for that! A long session os belly punches, oral ejaculations and the camera focalizing her fantastic butt swinging after each punch… Maybe something like this:

    • not quite doing it for me, it enjoy the reactions more the the real contact and you get zero reactions out of stuff like that.