Review of Aria vs Tommie: Rookies in the Ring

Review of Fem Wrestling RoomsAria vs Tommie: Rookies in the Ring – 10 Mins

TommieOur lovely new fem, Aria, is featured in her first wrestling match against Tommie. The bell rang for round one and Tommie, another rookie, gained the advantage with a head lock. She then forced Aria to the mat where she administered a back bending camel clutch. Tommie managed to get her arms around poor Aria’s neck and knocked her out with a sleeper hold! A cross body pin sealed the first victory for Tommie. In round two Aria took the initiative and after a brief lock up, forced Tommie into the corner to work her over with a boot choke! She brought the weakened brunette to the mat with a quick snap mare then choked her some more with her knee. Aria proved she wasn’t a pushover by finishing her off with a reverse head scissor knockout followed by a school girl pin! Round three, the deciding round, saw the beauties lock up in a test of strength. Tommie brought Aria to her knees with a boot to the belly then applied a tight standing head scissors that weakened our newest wrestler. A side head scissors followed by a combination body scissors/dragon sleeper finally knocked the blond out and Tommie took the victory with her own school girl pin! You’ll LOVE meeting our newest wrestler, Aria!

Is Tommie still a rookie? I feel like she’s been around for a little while now, still on the new side, but not what I’d call a rookie anymore. Anyway, these two “rookies” put on quite a good show for us here. Tommie with her little bit of experience is mostly in control of the new fem Aria. And Aria did well jobbing in her first FWR appearance. She also did really well in the round she won as the heel. The same can be said for Tommie, who just seemed good and comfortable both winning and losing. They also both look great in their pro gear. With a couple of KOs, pins and overall good selling, I got to say, this one was a mild surprise and very enjoyable. Great first impression for Aria.

Overall Score: 9/10