Review of Arena Bikini Fight

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Review of Kayla ObeyArena Bikini Fight – 5 mins

In the arena, ready to prove herself as she has hundreds of times before, her confidence is like diamond. Totally unwavering, despite the odds, yet her defeat comes swiftly. Her confidence doesn’t stand strong and she even pleads to be spared sometimes. Several scenes of Kayla being taken down by invisible opponents.

Kayla Obey brings us another short but sweet video, this time she gets taken down in a few different forms of battle. I love that no matter what she’s up against she starts off confident, only to get easily knocked out or taken down. As you can imagine, there are some great reaction here, and some fun and funny situations. Like I there one scene where Kayla is all ready for this fight, she throws a few good punches, then gets laid out cold with a single punch. Or another time she multiple foes, but goes on without fear, but as she gets knocked around by her invisible foes it looks like she’s trying to invent a new dance. I do wish this one was a little longer, I feel like here was plenty more possibilities, but I imagine that’s all the customer asked for. Either way I loved this vid, another simple idea made awesome by Kayla Obey.

Overall Score: 9.5/10