Review of Sleeperkid’s WorldAPRIL’S WINNING STREAK – 18 mins

Monroe has come to SKW issuing a challenge to all the wrestlers for an “I quit” match. Monroe is confident and is ready to show off her skills.  April walks in behind her and the trash talking begins, April not being impressed with her diminutive opponent. The match begins and the girls lock up, Monroe finding Aprils power advantage difficult to overcome as they push and struggle against each other. April swats her to the ground, crouching over Monroe and yanking her into a brutal camel clutch, mocking her as Monroe thrashes and struggles helplessly. Monroe refuses to give up though, so April switches to a rear naked choke hold, making Monroe’s eye bug and cross as she struggles for breath. Slowly she begins to fade out as April gloats, flopping her arms to show how little strength is left in them. A stomp to the back wakes Monroe back up, and April drags her into a cruel arm bar, making Monroe’s legs thrash as she wraps her thighs to cinch the hold in. Monroe’s face reddens as her eyes cross, helplessly writhing in April’s grip, before finally passing out from the pain. April rakes her back with clawed wingers before hauling her to her knees with a sleeper hold, making Monroe’s eyes bulge and cross before she fades away yet again. A belly punch brings her back around, and April begins to assault her belly with a series of brutal punches, Monroe’s unable to defend herself, crashing to the ground from a final shot to her abdomen.  Taking advantage of her position, April wraps her in a standing neck scissors, Monroe’s eyes bulging again as her thrashing slowly weakens and fades, collapsing over herself, her butt high in the air. April unrelentingly kicks her to her back, then climbs over her for an inverted neck scissors, further punishing Monroe’s neck, squeezing powerful thighs hard until her spasms finally cease and her eyes flutter shut. The punishment continues as April dominates the petite brunette, strangling her with her own hair, choking her against the wall, tombstone piledriving her repeatedly, thumb spiking her, head-slamming her into the ground and choking her from behind. At last the scrappy brunette passes out from the assault one final time, ripe for an over the shoulder carry, then humiliated by a foot planted victory pose.

I have been singing the praises of Monroe more than ever, every chance I have gotten and today will be no different. I have been absolutely loving the Monroe videos we have been getting as of late. It does help that they have all been squash vid, but nonetheless, Monroe has been amazing. This time she falls to April Flowers. I have question April as a heel in one of my last videos with her, waiting for her to show a little more personality and I got that this time. April is trash talking and manically laughing the whole time and she’s more than strong enough to toss Monroe all over the mat room, which she does. So she’s excellent as a heel in my book now and hopefully she keeps dominating. And I just don’t know how to say greater things about Monroe. She killed it time and time again, she has such a great look, looks great in all kinds of outfits and sells her defeats so wonderfully, in her own way. I really think Monroe is working her way towards that “Sparrow level” of favoritism for me… I think I just figured out how to say greater things about Monroe. Anyway, point is, fans of excellent jobbers need to own this video. I can’t tell you any better.

Overall Score: 9.9/10