Review of Anything Goes: Violet vs Madison

Review of Fem Wrestling RoomsAnything Goes: Violet vs Madison – 14.5 mins

If you’ve been able to keep up, we’ve been doing the 2018 Anything Goes Rookie of the Year Championship Matches. Due to the fact that we’ve had so many new girls join FWR the award is still being fought over. In this preliminary match, Violet was supposed to wrestle Reni but there was a conflict. Just as we were planning to cancel the match, Madison stepped up and challenged Violet. Well, as you may think, Violet wasn’t comfortable with that so Madison knocked her out with an uppercut and trapped her arms in the ropes while she went to get changed. When the tough Madison returned she released a very groggy Violet and the match began. Or, we should say that the one sided beating began! Poor Violet never recovered from the uppercut and spent most of the match with her eyes crossed as Madison put her through all the standard Anything Goes style holds and strikes. Near the end of the match Madison allowed a dizzy and dazed Violet to try and hit her but the poor rookie couldn’t even see straight. Deciding that she’s rather dance, Violet stretched her arms out and began spinning — and accidentally punched Madison! Needless to say, the festivities soon came to an end with Violet posing victorious over Madison!

When the “Anything Goes” matches are like this, I really feel like the custom writer is throwing me a bone by giving me one of these really fun and really silly matches. This vid hits some of high spots that I like to see or wanted to see, starting off with Violet. The thing that stood out most to me about Violet right away was her eyes and how she can roll and cross them so well and this vid just shows that aspect off so well. For pretty much the entire vid Violet is in a dazed state with her eyes rolling around her head constantly and even more when Madison gets her locked in a hold. It’s absolutely fantastic. Another thing is how silly this vid is, “Anything Goes” vids are normally at a little silly, but this one is really silly and I loved it. I’ve always talk about how great FWR is at making silly vids, this is another golden example here. And finally Madison taking the loss. Even though Madison is one of the tougher girls on the FWR roster, she’s also one of the best jobbers too and love seeing her lose, even though she dominates most of this match, she gets completely laid out through a series of events that had laughing so much I had to skip back and watch it again, just to laugh at a sequence of goofiness that is destined for the history books. Not only that, but after Madison loses and Violet is gone, she wakes up, gets told what happened and just passes back out, I love that too. Overall, another favorite for me in the series and one of the best Anything Goes vids of recent weeks.

Overall Score: 9.9/10