Review of Anything Goes: Tori vs Kat

Review of Fem Wrestling RoomsAnything Goes: Tori vs Kat – 11 mins

When these two gals meet in the center ring the contrast is obvious … Tori towers over the much smaller Kat! But does this stop our star fighter? No! When Tori turns to go to her corner Kat attacks with a bear hug, a body splash, face slaps, punches, and a speedbag facial. Kat uses her knowledge of the wrestling ring to continue dominating Tori with a clothesline, several head scissors, a Boston crab, camel clutch, and a step over toe hold. Enjoying her dominance, Kat allows the groggy Tori to rise then pounds her with punches. But the diminutive cutie makes one mistake … she gives Tori a free hit! Tori lands a killer hook that causes Kat to hear the birdies and drop unconscious to the mat! Tori limp checks Kat then pins her with a sweet school girl pin. Poor Kat!

This is an actual change to how most of the Anything Goes matches go. I have become quite accustomed to the smaller girl being the victor, so I was a little surprised to see the much smaller Kat go down at the end, but I do love how it happened. I love that Kat dominates the pretty in pink Tori for the whole match. Kat really shows off her veteran skills and Tori really looks out of her league. Making this also one of the odd one sided anything goes matches, but most of those types end with the dominate girl as the winner, but not today. Tori literally lands one punch, one single solitary punch, and Kat goes completely lights out, face down, out cold and done for. And Kat sells the hell out of the one punch too, spinning away, chasing birds, rolling her eyes and a dead fall face plant to the mats, it was excellent. Tori of course takes her pin and her victory pose, awfully proud of herself for dropping Kat with a single punch. Kat is another talent I hated to lose, but if there’s one thing I would use to sum up why I love Kat, it this punch right here from Tori.

Overall Score: 9/10