Review of Anything Goes: Tommie vs LeAnn

Review of Fem Wrestling RoomsAnything Goes: Tommie vs LeAnn – 12 mins

LeAnn brings experience into the ring as she faces off against the rookie Tommie. At the sound of the bell, Tommie rushes LeAnn but ends up in a breath taking bear hug followed by a belly punch and uppercut that drops her in the corner! Poor Tommie is totally dominated by the fast moving LeAnn and put into painful scissors, a bronco buster, body splashes, a grapevine pin, a bow & arrow, a Boston crab, a camel clutch, face slaps and punches, low blows, and knees to the chin. But when LeAnn takes her time punching her dazed and groggy opponent around the ring it gives Tommie time to recover a little and hit the over confident beauty with a head butt! LeAnn goes down and Tommie goes to work by yanking her up by the hair, clotheslining her off the ropes, and knocking her out with a reverse figure four head scissor! A nice schoolgirl pin gets the victory for cute Tommie but as she’s leaving the ring, LeAnn wakes up and needs a bop to the head from a blackjack to finish her off with the sounds of birdies in her head! 

How I do love this anything goes series, this is another great addition. This one turns out to be 75% LeAnn beating the daylights out of Tommie and Tommie doing a hell of a job selling it all too. There a great mixture of moves during LeAnn’s dominance, but my favorite part that to be the punches to the face. They all send Tommie stumbling across the room in a dizzy and silly mess that I couldn’t get enough of. But as is accustomed to this series, Tommie makes her come back, starting off with Tommie doing her best Gentleman Jack Gallagher impression (WWE reference) with a nice headbutt and goes on to win the match. LeAnn is always a great seller, so even though she was in control for the majority of this one, it’s still great to see her get KO’d, especially the one after the pin fall, where she did some great eyerolling with the birdie sound effects. I always love the matches in this series, plenty of KOs and always with the great pro style outfits.

Overall Score: 9/10