Review of Anything Goes: Tommie vs Jaylin

Review of Fem Wrestling RoomsAnything Goes: Tommie vs Jaylin – 11.5 mins

We wish Tommie and Jaylin were still active wrestlers at FWR but at least we can see them in action in this fun anything goes match. The only rules we set for this match was that Jaylin had to win by knocking Tommie out with her karate chops and Tommie had to knock out Jaylin with her powerful knockout punch. The bell rang and the ladies went at it with Tommie taking an early lead. The pink clad cutie slapped and punched Jaylin in the corner (speedbag facial included), scissored and bronco busted her in the corner, scissored on the mat, and gave her a surfboard hold and camel clutch. But when Tommie leaned in close to Jaylin she suddenly found herself flipped off by the hair! Jaylin then took control and subjected Tommie flips, scissors, head smashes to the turnbuckle, and lots of karate chops to her body. Jaylin finally gets the schoolgirl pin on her unconscious opponent and the victory. Tommie wakes up briefly only to get bopped on the head by a blackjack (birdies included) and knocked out a second time. The video includes a little after the match fun so don’t hesitate to purchase your very own copy to watch over and over again!

Back with another Anything Goes video from FWR and I always tell you guys I love this series, but I love it even more when they do something a little different, a little unexpected and that’s what we have here. It start it’s pretty much the same as always, minus the rule change. Jaylin gets dominated early by Tommie, giving us some good selling and then takes control in a great way, flipping Tommie off her back and catapulting her into the bottom turnbuckle. From there it’s all Jaylin’s control as she destroys Tommie in great fashion. Tommie really sells it fantastically, plus I just love the pink one piece with the thong and the boots, Tommie looks amazing. Jaylin goes on to win the match, but the things that really make this one really cool are the unexpected events like I mentioned before. First, after the pin fall, Tommie wakes up, Jaylin goes to hit her with the blackjack to put her out for good, but Tommie passes out just before getting bopped on the head. Then Jaylin heads off to change, Tommie wakes up again and figures she can get a little payback with the blackjack left in the ring. Tommie enters the dressing room and we can her a fight break out, behind the closed door. Jaylin soon walks out with the blackjack in hand, giving it back to Rick, but it doesn’t end there. A dazed Tommie walks to the door, only to get kicked back in by Jaylin. Rick goes to check on Tommie whose now out cold, sprawled out on the couch, even getting some tongue protrusion from Tommie. It’s things like this that take what would have been a pretty normal Anything Goes match to one another of my favorites in the series. Hopefully future Anything Goes matches will try and keep some silly and unexpected additions, they really help make these match more even entertaining.

Overall Score: 9.5/10