Review of Anything Goes: Tommie vs Aria

Review of Fem Wrestling RoomsAnything Goes: Tommie vs Aria – 12.5 mins

We’ve made so many Anything Goes custom videos that we lose track of some that are buried in our files. This one, featuring Tommie vs Aria, was done in July of 2016 and includes all the great moves you’ve come to love. Face slaps and punches, knees to the chin, lots of head scissors, low blows, a camel clutch, and the famous FWR speedbag facial. You’ll also see a variation on the speedbag facial, Tommie’s amazing silliness, and a chloroform ending! Don’t miss this gem of a match!

Man, this video just reminded me of how awesome and fun Tommie was, it made me remember how I loved her right away when I saw how much energy and intensity she had in her first video (See “Tommie Wants to Wrestle“). This was really great to see and is sometimes why I like when great vids like this get lost in the shuffle. I’m sure would have loved this video if it was released back when Tommie was still around, but now that she’s gone, it makes this one is even better. I don’t mean to ignore Aria, she didn’t lose for too long in this one and did great as a heel, but this was really Tommie’s show. The way Tommie sells her silliness and dizziness is so great and somehow makes it fitting when she snatches the chloro rag from Aria and KOs herself. I can’t explain it, but just the way Tommie acts, that action comes as no real surprise for her to do. Which is way I love this so much. Not only that, but just the fact that as soon as Tommie starts losing, she starts selling it really crazy and fun and she also does the self chloro thing twice, once again post match, for that added KO I love to see.  What a crazy ball of excitement she was, maybe we’ll see her one day again, who knows, but for now, this was really great to see.

Overall Score: 9.5/10