Review of Anything Goes: Tie Breaker

Review of Fem Wrestling RoomsAnything Goes: Tie Breaker – 12 mins

Becca defeated Hollywood in their first meeting (see “Anything Goes: Becca vs Hollywood”) but Hollywood returned to defeat Becca in their second match (see “Hollywood Gets Even”). The two have agreed to meet again and this time Becca has agreed to leave her frying pan at home. But the cagey little blond still manages to dominate the veteran female wrestler by taunting and teasing her. Hollywood loses her cool right away and it quickly leads to her defeat. Becca plays with her prey throughout the match using many of the expected “anything goes” match moves but she also adds in a few of her own special (and rather odd) moves. In the end, Hollywood hears the birdies and takes a humiliating defeat at the hands of our young blond wrestler!

Another really rare completely one sided Anything Goes vids. As much as I love squash matches, as much as I love Hollywood and as much as I love these Anything Goes matches, there is nothing I love more than Becca squashes. Even though Becca is the Sumiko of FWR and can play any role she ask with amazing excellence, I would have really loved to see this go the other way, or at least have the traditional comeback story, so that I could have some Becca jobbing action. But even thought I didn’t get any Becca jobbing action, Hollywood did really well getting crushed here and Becca is really fun to watch dominate someone. For her somewhat unusual move set and her fun and super cute trash talking, especially when she talks to the camera. So even thought I want Becca squashed every time, she is an amazing talent, super fun and super cute no matter what role she’s asked to play.

Overall Score: 8.5/10