Review of Anything Goes: Suzanne vs Becky

Review of Fem Wrestling RoomsAnything Goes: Suzanne vs Becky – 10.5 Mins

BeckyOur match begins with Suzanne bragging about how confident she is of her tight head scissors and powerful uppercut that the fight with Becky should be an easy victory. Becky enters and Suzanne goes right to work with a bear hug, knees to the jaw, a camel clutch, a one legged boston crab, a few head scissors, and a body splash in the corner. A groggy Becky somehow manages to turn the tables and Suzanne finds herself in the corner getting slapped and punched out! Becky then demonstrates to a disoriented Suzanne her own strong head scissor holds followed by a sleeper hold. Just as we think Suzanne is going out, she finds an inner strength and escapes! An atomic drop and some low blows on the ropes has Becky back on the losing side but Suzanne gives her a break and challenges her to put up her fists and duke it out. The women trade punches until Becky rocks Suzanne, causing her to sway on her feet. The cute long haired beauty turns to the camera and says, “Looks like she’s got a glass jaw” and turns to finish her off. But Suzanne comes out of nowhere with her own punch spinning Becky back to the camera to groggily say “Uh oh! Looks like I’ve got a glass jaw too!” The cute wrestler hears the birdies then drops unconscious! Suzanne takes the pin and the match to win this anything goes match!

This feels like a total squash to me even though it wasn’t. Becky did get control there for a little while in the middle, but gets destroyed early and in the end. I absolutely love Becky. I this she sells great and is always a little silly with her selling, so this video is perfect for her. I don’t think Suzanne hasn’t lost any matches since coming to FWR, so it was definitely different to see her on the losing side even for a little bit. As is accustomed to this awesome series we get some birdie sounds effects after Suzanne nails the final uppercut and we also get one of my favorite things, Becky waking up after Suzanne has left just to try a catch some of the birdies she’s still hearing and pass back out, I always love that. I know this series switches girls around a lot, but I would really love to have Becky lose again in this series, she really is so fitting for it.

Overall score: 9/10