Review of Anything Goes: Spy vs Spy

Review of Fem Wrestling RoomsAnything Goes: Spy vs Spy – 10 Mins

beccaA special agent spy school has two top recruits, Korean spy Jaylin and French spy Becca. They are both equal in abilities but the spy school has only one spot available. Therefore, the new recruits will battle it out in the FWR ring in a special “Weapons Allowed, Anything Goes Battle”. We’re sure you’ll LOVE this special entry in our anything goes series as Becca speaks French and Jaylin speaks Korean throughout the battle. Jaylin takes an early lead and works over the blond with several holds, face slaps, and karate chops. Becca attempts to use black jacks to attack but only finds herself flipped to the mat. She eventually manages to turn the tables on the beautiful Jaylin and dishes out some of her own punishment with scissors, a speedbag facial, and a hard smack to Jaylin’s face with a frying pan! The sexy agent Becca finally takes the win with a well-placed punch to the face causing poor Jaylin to see stars followed by a cute ten count in French! And to top it all off, Becca rolls the unconscious Jaylin out of the ring then drags her back to the dressing room!

Nice little twist to the Anything Goes Match, adding a little language barrier, even thought, Becca and Jaylin seem to understand each other and Rick, who speaks English, just fine. Nonetheless, it’s fun to hear trash talk in different languages and the match itself was great fun too. As per usual with these matches we get a nice bit of Becca losing to start off. You’re never going to catch me complaining about that. Becca selling is always the best, so she’s always great to watch lose, even for a little bit. Got a nice darri-air pose from Becca and I like how every time Becca tried to use a weapon she got countered, that is expect for that last time. The turn in control is pretty sudden as Becca just has had enough getting beaten up, gets pissed and just takes over the match. Jaylin is just overwhelmed from there and does some pretty great selling herself as Becca extracts her revenge. And of course you can’t end without some victory poses, and this time the loser gets rolled out of the ring and dragged away, nice touch. Another fun addition to this amazing series, it’s the same great action and outfits we love, with a little language twist.

Overall Score: 9/10