Review of Anything Goes: Reni vs Renee

Review of Fem Wrestling RoomsAnything Goes: Reni vs Renee – 10.5 mins

It’s time once again for another 2017 FWR Rookie Championship Preliminary anything goes wrestling match! This time we get to watch two of our newer wrestlers in action as Reni faces off against Renee. It’s obvious at the start that Reni is planning to destroy the bubbly blond Renee and immediately pops Renee with an uppercut that stuns her and sends her into the corner. Some well placed face slaps, right and left hooks, and a speedbag facial nearly finishes Renee off in the early minutes of the match! But when Reni drops her guard Renee comes to life and kicks her HARD below the belt! Renee takes over and literally destroys the short haired blond with all the signature “anything goes” match holds like low blows, head scissors, butt in the air drops, and a camel clutch. But Reni isn’t done yet and we’ll let you purchase this video to find out what happens next and who ends up winning.

Two tide turns in an anything goes match? It’s good to see a little bit of unpredictability coming from FWR’s longest running series. It’s just funny that it happened on one where I didn’t care who won. I know sometimes I’m only there to watch one of the two girls play the losing role, or sometimes I like to see them both play the jobber role, but this time I didn’t really have a favorite. I like both Reni and Renee, they are both super cute, especially in these shiny leotards and they are both up and comers that you guys better keep an eye on. But neither of them are favs of mine yet, so it didn’t matter who won. That’s nothing to do with the show they put on for us though. I think they both did very well, there’s a bit of that rookie in the ring, rough around the edges kind of thing, but they did good and together made a video worthy to be a part of the Anything Goes series. I think more shiny one pieces are in order, these girls look great in them and I can get used to seeing these suits on other girls. If I had to pick a favorite jobber, I do think the right girl one, Renee has a bit more of a babyface, but I’m going to keep an eye on both ladies, either one could be the next breakout fan favorite.

Overall Score: 8/10