Review of Anything Goes: Peyton vs Tommie

Review of Fem Wrestling RoomsAnything Goes: Peyton vs Tommie – 13.5 Mins

TommieOur video begins with Rick interviewing Tommie He tells her that she’s about to participate in her first ever Anything Goes match versus Peyton. The interview doesn’t get very far though, after Rick explains that Tommie can use a tray as a weapon, she gets so excited she’s completely lost … daydreaming about hitting Peyton with a tray.  We fade into the ring and watch as both competitors enter. Tommie gets right to work, clocking Peyton with a huge punch to the face that sends her spinning across the ring. Tommie presses her advantage with a few face slaps and some head scissors but Peyton isn’t giving up that easy! She battles back by starting a hair pulling struggle that ends with a low blow. Peyton gains a bit of an advantage with a standing head scissors but Tommie rallies back with a modified power bomb, head slams into the turnbuckle, a standing headscissors, multiple knee strikes to the face, and a camel clutch! Tommie makes the mistake of turning her back on Peyton to brag to the camera, giving her time to recover.  Peyton makes it back to her feet, taps Tommie on the shoulder and punches her in the face! Surprisingly, Tommie answers back with a punch of the own and a small slugfest breaks out, which quickly ends in a double KO. Rick begins to count the ladies out, but before he reaches ten they both wake up, scrambling for the weapons placed in the corners. Tommie takes the first swing using the tray but Peyton drops to her knees causing Tommie’s attack to miss! The long haired cutie takes full advantage of her lowered vantage point and smashes Tommie between the legs with the black jack! After another head scissors with Black jack blows toe Tommie’s head, Peyton picks up the dazed and hits her with a few straight jabs to the face and a crushing uppercut that puts her flat on her back. One more punch to the face has Tommie hearing birdies before passing out. Peyton secures her victory with a matchbook pin and victory pose! You’ll LOVE this fun match!

I’ve always been a fan of these anything goes matches and they have just been getting better and better the longer they go on. It’s always a joy to see Tommie, she’s so silly and bubbly it’s awesome. Peyton has been a favorite of mine for a while now, so it was great to her on the losing side for the slight majority of the video. I love the style of these vids, they’re a little silly, got some of dirty moves and of course weapons, really makes theses fun. Peyton and Tommie both spend a good amount of time on the losing side, each getting KO’d a good number of times and they both sell great. Peyton does come out with the win, after a great looking pin. Tommie even gives us a little, tiny bit of tongue protrusion at the end, which is really great to see. And of course the outfits are always great. This is another great addition to the series, a series I hope never ends.

Overall score: 9.5/10