Review of Anything Goes: Peyton vs Miriya

Review of Fem Wrestling RoomsAnything Goes: Peyton vs Miriya – 11.5 mins

Miriya came all the way from Atlanta and SKW to get in the ring against Peyton. The match was a standard “Anything Goes Match” but, as you know, each “AGM” (as we lovingly call them … starting right now) takes on a life of their own based on the females involved. And this one doesn’t disappoint! Peyton is beautiful in pain and victory as always and her opponent learns all about the FWR ring and ends up hearing the FWR birdies! Don’t miss this fun match!

AMG… man I wish I thought of that… as much as we talk about these kinds of matches, I never thought of abbreviating it. They say with age comes wisdom, well thank god for Rick, because I would have never thought of that. Anyway, on to the video shall we? So SK brought Miriya with him and Jacquelyn on their last trip to FWR and from that made this AMG video possible. I have always been a fan of Miriya, I think she’s underrated and just made for silly and OTT KOs. So anytime she’s in a vid, it’s like a nice treat for me. It’s good to see her in the traditional AGM outfit, her and Peyton both looking exceptionally good in this video. Things also follow the traditional AGM style, with Miriya starting out in control, but of course ends up hearing birdies and getting KO’d in the end. Nothing too out of the ordinary as far as moves go, there was a nice bit of punch trading that eventually lead to Miriya’s demise, that was a fun highlight. The selling was really good from both Peyton and Miriya on both sides of the match. Overall I would put this AGM in the upper middle section of all AGM. Very good, not excellent, but worth checking out for sure.

Overall Score: 9/10