Review of Anything Goes: Peyton vs Mindy

Review of Fem Wrestling RoomsAnything Goes: Peyton vs Mindy – 17 mins

Peyton has asked for a rematch against the towering blond Mindy. Although Mindy totally humiliated her in a match when Peyton was new to wrestling, our brunette beauty feels that she’s gotten smarter and stronger over the years. The match is an anything goes match and Mindy takes the early advantage with several standard wrestling moves like a hammerlock, full nelson, knee strikes, a bronco buster, and a chin lock. But Mindy’s main focus is on her head scissors holds as she practically engulfs little Peyton’s head with her thighs! But Peyton manages to escape from a near knockout while in Mindy’s reverse figure four head scissors and takes control. She beats Mindy down with face punches, a corner scissor head smash on the turnbuckle, low blows with a black jack, a sleeper hold knockout, and plenty of her own sweet head scissor moves. In the end Mindy hears the birdies and Peyton is proclaimed the winner!

I actually love that this video reaches way back in time to tie into a previous video which makes this one a rematch. I say way back in time, like it was centuries ago, but really it’s only like 2-3 years. Anywho, Peyton is certainly right, she has gotten better since Mindy and herself last met. Peyton is downright awesome now, both winning and losing and is definitely on par with Mindy at this point. Which is way these anything goes match are so much fun for me. We get to see Peyton get her butt whooped for the first half of the match, in glorious fashion as Mindy does as she pleases for a while with the tiny Peyton. Then of course the comeback story as Peyton battles back and lets Mindy take over the jobber role. Both ladies are great jobber, but I do have to hand it to Peyton for not only selling the jobber role so well, but also using some pretty cool moved to topple Mindy. Although this one may not be in the running for my all-time favorite anything goes video, I did love getting to see both Peyton and Mindy take a bit of a beatdown.

Overall Score: 8.5/10