Review of Anything Goes: Peyton vs Hellena Heavenly

Review of Fem Wrestling RoomsAnything Goes: Peyton vs Hellena Heavenly – 12 mins

This fun match begins with Peyton thinking she’s going to wrestle a little girl with the sweet name of Hellena. When the ring veteran arrives Peyton suddenly realizes that she’s in big trouble! Hellena gets in Peyton’s face, mocking her and laughing, so Peyton slaps her … then realizes she’s in even BIGGER trouble! Poor Peyton ends up in a fireman’s carry/airplane spin, body slam, Boston crab, and a corner body splash! When Hellena goes to throw Peyton to the opposite corner, our cutie tries to reverse it and accidentally does a one arm flip to Miss Heavenly! Peyton tries to escape but Hellena drags her back into the ring for more destruction. After a few well-placed face punches, Hellena goes for the knockout blow and Peyton desperately kicks her between the legs! More low blows with the blackjack has Hellena on the defensive and we get to see the lovely Peyton get even! In the end, Hellena is the one seeing birdies and Peyton adds a spectacular win to her record!

To be honest, I got this vid with no interest in seeing Hellena lose, even though I knew she did. Even not being interested in that, I still ending up enjoying her performance, she tries her ass off to sell this one they way is should be and I have to appreciate that effort from someone who doesn’t get to play the jobber role to often. Also that was a really pair of moves Peyton used on Hellena that I loved and really hope to see them again and those moves where the suspended headscissors, with Peyton hanging off the corner and the turnbuckle head smash that follows with Hellena still locked in the headscissors. A very cool pair of moves and definitely need to be added to the regular offence move list. But, the real show for me was Peyton losing and her being just terrified of Hellena. It was a ton of fun for me to watch the horrified faces Peyton made during this vid and the decent section of her being dominated by Hellena. After seeing this, I feel like it’s been I while since we had a nice Peyton squash and this really had me wanting to see one soon.

Overall Score: 8.5/10