Review of Anything Goes: Peyton vs Constance

Review of Fem Wrestling RoomsAnything Goes: Peyton vs Constance – 12 mins

Constance enters into this Anything Goes match confidently. She sees that Peyton is her opponent and goes to town on her with a hammerlock, full nelson, knee lifts to the chin and a bonk on the head. Sweet little Peyton drops with her butt in the air! Constance continues the beating with a standing head scissors, corner work with low blows, another standing head scissor, a tight camel clutch, and some sexy head scissors. But Constance makes one mistake when she taunts Peyton into a fist fight! We all know that Peyton is a street fighter and our BEST fist fighter! Poor Constance gets punched out then her adversary brings a blackjack into the ring to smack her with some low blows and a smack on the head. A sleeper hold weakens Constance but Peyton decides to release her and pull her into a tight reverse figure four head scissor! Constance is knocked out and pinned and hopefully learns that you NEVER challenge Peyton to a fist fight!

Always good to see Constance at FWR, usually leads to some nice eye rolling action and my assumptions are dead on this time. Constance comes in and puts a good hurting on Peyton, which of course is a good thing, I always love the seen Peyton playing the jobber and that’s even been a little trend going on at FWR lately. But obviously this is an Anything goes match and 99% of the time the person who starts out losing wins the match in the end. I should play the lotto, as that assumption is dead on as well. Peyton comes back and is able to take Constance out giving us plenty of nice eye rolling action as I assumed in the beginning of this video. As with most videos of this series, this one too is a win/win for me, as both Peyton and Constance sell excellent and are a total joy to watch. As much as I do like this video I do hope that Constance did more than just this video in her visit, I don’t even care if she won or lose, I am just a fan of Constance and of course FWR.

Overall Score: 9/10