Review of Anything Goes: Persephone’s Fishnet Girls

Review of Fem Wrestling RoomsAnything Goes: Persephone’s Fishnet Girls – 12 mins

Persephone has decided to put together her own team of fighting girls called the Fishnet Girls. Her plan is to get even with Becca and Madison for when they attacked her in the FWR bedroom and a group of special wrestlers should do the trick. The first girl to audition is Ziva. Persephone informs Ziva that the only way to get into the Fishnet Girls is to beat her in an anything goes match. Ziva agrees and the match begins. Persephone shows her experience right away by catching Ziva in a hammerlock followed by a full nelson. A sharp knee to the head drops Ziva to her knees for more punishment with chin strikes and a couple of tight head scissors! Ziva is then worked over in the corner with slaps, punches, and a speedbag facial that has her in a very groggy state! After some more wrestling hold domination, Persephone lets her guard down and both girls end up in a groggy fist fight that ends up with Persephone experiencing her own demise via an uppercut and speedbag facial! In the end Ziva is the winner and a new member of Persephone’s Fishnet Girls!

The “Anything Goes” series starts another exciting storyline, this one staring Persephone as she assembles a team to avenge the beating Madison and Becca gave her during the “Sneak Attack” series. This is going to be great for a few reasons. First, because every member of the team has to beat Persephone in order to make the team and also because imagine after the team is formed and the go to confront Becca and Madison, what if they lose? How awesome would that be? Or, what if the win? How awesome would that be? And being a part of the anything goes series, it is very likely that we’ll get to see both the team winning and the team losing during this confrontation and I can’t wait to see it. The first member of Persephone’s fishnet girls is Ziva. She gets dominated for a little over half the match and she puts on a mighty good show for us, definitely another new girl I have to keep an eye on. She already looks promising. Then things get silly for a while, which is always great. And then Persephone gets knocked out, which of course, in my opinion is the best part. Overall, this was another great anything goes video and I cannot wait to see more like this and of course see where this story goes.

Overall score 9.5/10