Review of Anything Goes: Persephone vs Mackenzi

Review of Fem Wrestling RoomsAnything Goes: Persephone vs Mackenzi – 11.5 mins

Two extremely beautiful girls face off in the corners of the FWR wrestling ring. Each of them feels they’re the strongest wrestler and each of them confidently come out of their corners to lock up in a test of strength as the match begins. Mackenzi starts the pain with an abdominal stretch and an over the knee back breaker. A brief hair pulling catfight ensues and Mackenzi wins, tossing Persephone into a corner. But when the sultry beauty goes for a body splash, Persephone ducks it and takes over! The smaller cutie damages Mackenzi for a while but there’s still a turn around with Persephone finding herself in some pain but in the end, sweet Mackenzi hears the birdies and the equally sweet Persephone gives her the matchbook pin 10 count! Two beauties equals a match made for YOU!! Don’t miss it 🙂

It’s anything goes time again and this is another win/win pairing for me with Persephone and Mackenzi. (two names I had to practice, to make sure I spell them right) You just couldn’t go wrong, in my opinion, no matter which way this match played out. So as a shock to no one, I really liked how this match went. I love that the tide turned more than once, because you know that you’re not going to get a squash match when you get an anything goes match, so therefore it’s more fun when you get a few more twists in the action. I do think that Persephone is the better jobber, but she’s also the better heel, because she has more experience. Persephone got a little more time on the losing side and you won’t ever find me ever complaining about that. Mackenzi is coming along nicely on both sides of a match and with some of her recent matches, and the end of this one, she’s garnered my attention as someone to watch in the jobber department. As always I do love the light hearted and silly ways these matches tend to go. The ending of this one was fantastic, from the boston crab reversal to the final pin and victory pose. Overall, great pairing, great action, great outfits, as always with anything goes matches and I definitely wouldn’t mind seeing these two go at it again.  

Overall Score: 9/10