Review of Anything Goes: Madison vs Sinn Sage

Review of Fem Wrestling RoomsAnything Goes: Madison vs Sinn Sage – 13.5 Mins

MadisonYou’ll definitely want to add this video to your “Anything Goes” collection! Sinn Sage, the tough visiting wrestler, takes on our own Madison. Angry that she was supposed to wrestle Mindy, Sinn Sage goes to town on Madison with a hammerlock, full nelson, knee strikes to the chin, a camel clutch, an over the knee back breaker (that nearly doubles poor Madison in half!), several scissor holds, a bunch of low  blows, and many more debilitating moves! When Sinn figures that Madison has had enough, she turns to the camera to brag about the easy victory against Madison. But this gives Madison enough time to recuperate and a well-placed punch to the jaw followed by a hit on the head with a blackjack has Sinn hearing birdies! Madison adds one of her signature head scissors and one final punch to the face to take the victory in an upset!

We are getting a lot of Sinn Sage action right now, not only from FWR, but SKW as well and I don’t hear anyone complaining about that. Sinn is playing that dirty fighting, over confident heel and she dominates Madison for just about ¾ of the match. Which is great for me, I love Madison and the jobber and I really this she did an awesome job selling in this one. I love all the different moves and dirty low blows Sinn used on Madison, as well as the quality taunting coming from Sinn. Madison gets beaten up good and knocked out a few times. But as you know, Sinn doesn’t win this one as Madison makes the comeback just in time. Then Sinn give us some really nice silly selling, with nice eyerolling and evening hearing some birdies before going out cold. Love the reactions we got from Sinn and love that victorious smile on Madison face after her win. Although I might not call this the very best of the “Anything Goes” series, Sinn and Madison put on a fantastic show that is worth a spot on anyone’s favorites list.

Overall Score: 9.5/10