Review of Anything Goes: Madison vs Shauna

Review of Fem Wrestling RoomsAnything Goes: Madison vs Shauna – 14 mins

Two wrestling beauties face off in an anything goes match! After a short session of trash talking, Shauna Ryanne and Madison Swan lock up in a test of strength with Shauna taking the upper hand with a harsh clothesline. She follows her attack of Madison with some corner strikes, a standing head scissor, a surfboard, Boston crab, camel clutch, and a front head scissor. Confident that she’s got Madison under control, Shauna lets her guard down and gets stunned with a low blow! Madison now takes control with a crotch pull into the ring post, corner face slaps and a speedbag facial, more low blows, knee strikes to the chin, and plenty of her sexy tight head scissors! In the end, Shauna hears birdies (and a cuckoo bird!) after a hard punch to the face by the victor, Madison!!

More Anything Goes action from FWR and another great line up with Madison vs Shauna. As almost always with this series, one of the girls is going to make a comeback of the win. This time Madison is the one who makes the comeback. This works out very well, because both Madison and Shauna are awesome sellers, so seeing both of them getting a chance to lose was great to see and they both do a great job. Madison sells great and has really proven to be another outstanding jobber for FWR and Shauna has been great for as long as I’ve know her and she gets to do the silly KO at the end. She also did my favorite thing of these Anything Goes matches, with the extra KO after she loses, just making it back to her feet before passing back out and there’s a little bit of twitching there too. This is another very good anything goes match and as always I look forward to who’s next.

Overall Score: 9/10