Review of Anything Goes: Madison vs Reni

Review of Fem Wrestling RoomsAnything Goes: Madison vs Reni – 14.5 Mins

We’ve had many requests to see our newest wrestler in action so what better way to introduce Reni to everyone than in an anything goes match? And to make it even more exciting her opponent is Madison! As out match begins, Reni walks straight into a face punch by Madison then is totally dominated with a hammerlock, double arm choke, several of Madison’s signature head scissors, an airplane spin, an over the shoulder carry, face slaps, face punches, and even the “patented FWR Speedbag Facial”! But the cocky Madison takes too much time announcing her knockout uppercut and Reni recovers enough to kick Madison between her legs! Suddenly Reni is in control as she smashes her opponent’s head into the turn buckle over and over again! A groggy and stunned Madison gets trapped in the corner for more low blows then falls off the ropes only to accidentally crawl into Reni’s standing head scissor. The rookie cutie then forces a dazed Madison to give her a pony ride and puts her into a surfboard hold, camel clutch, and some of her own head scissors! A final black jack blow to the head has Madison hearing birdies before falling unconscious to the mat. Reni gives her schoolgirl pin 10 count and enjoys her first win at FWR!

Another brand new fem added to the FWR roster and another great anything goes video added to this massive series. As per usual in this series we get to see Reni dominated for the first half of the vid and it’s a nice beatdown as well with a few KOs and Reni sold pretty well. Reni is able to turn it around for the second half after a dirty low blow and a couple more added for good measure later. Madison definitely shows Reni how to really sell the jobber role with her great performance including the traditional blackjack KO with birdie sound effects for the final KO. I always love seeing Madison ending up on the losing end, she’s really doing a great job and a nice welcome to the FWR roster for Reni.

Overall Score: 9.5/10