Review of Anything Goes: Madison vs Mindy

Review of Fem Wrestling RoomsAnything Goes: Madison vs Mindy – 13.5 mins

Our newest Anything Goes match features muscles versus height as Madison meets Mindy in the ring. The beauties respectfully shake hands but when Mindy turns her back to go to her corner Madison jumps her with a piggyback sleeper! Mindy is suddenly on the defensive as she experiences Madison’s knee strikes, surfboard, camel clutch, head scissors, corner post abuse, low blows, and punches to the face! Poor Mindy is a groggy mess but when Madison turns her back to gloat about how easy it is to beat her opponent, Mindy comes to life and slugs Madison! Mindy then tells Madison that it’s her turn to find out what it’s like between her strong thighs and practically engulfs poor Madison’s face is several head scissors! Madison struggles and groans as the thighs squeeze her like a python! Finally, with the cute blond nearly out of it, Mindy puts her in a grape vine pin then finishes her with a breast smother. After taking her victory pose, Mindy uses the blackjack on a groggy Madison, causing her to hear birdies and cuckoos! Enjoy watching these two wrestle!!

I’m not going to lie, I was actually surprised by who won this match and it’s been a long time since anything surprising has come from an Anything Goes match. Now don’t get me wrong, I am a huge fan of this series, but normally by the title you can predict who wins, it’s normally the smaller girl, or the fan favorite, or something that’s a clear give away. I felt pretty safe that Madison was the obvious winner for this, as she is clearly smaller then Mindy, but turns out that wasn’t the case. Definitely not a bad thing as I’m always interested in a Madison defeated, and this was a fun one. As expected in this series, this as another comeback victory with a couple of KOs and some light hearted silliness along the way. It’s always great to see Mindy in action and I just love her hair color here. Mindy did a great job while on the losing side and a great job winning, same can be said for Madison, none of which should surprise anyone. This was another very good addition to this massive series with the Madison defeat being a welcomed unexpected turn.

Overall score: 9/10