Review of Anything Goes: Liv vs Evie

Review of Fem Wrestling RoomsAnything Goes: Liv vs Evie – 10.5 mins

This fun Anything Goes match actually begins with the beauties, Evie and Liv, wearing boxing gloves. The girls requested to start with some punching and it goes back and forth for a bit until Liv uppercuts Evie into the ropes, removes her boxing gloves, and trap s her opponent in the ropes. Liv gives her a few more punches and a face kick before taking her to the corner to work her face over with slaps, punches, a speedbag facial, and a few low blows! But when Liv turns to brag to the cameraman Evie recovers and climbs the ropes to snap her legs around Liv’s neck. Evie takes over with knee lifts to Liv’s chin, a fist bonk to the head, and several head scissor holds ending with a reverse head scissor that knocks Liv out! Evie gets a matchbook pin on Liv to win the match and when a groggy Liv wakes up evie grabs a blackjack and causes the visiting beauty to hear birdies and cuckoos! This is only Evie’s second match but we’re confident she’ll soon be one of your favorite FWR girls!

We got a new face at FWR, even though this is her second match, it’s the first time I’ve gotten to see her in action and already she has my attention, just because she is super cute and super tiny, which means I want to see her losing, but maybe not for this match. As Liv is someone who I already love, who can really sell the jobber role with her amazing reactions. So since Evie is still new, and that shows in selling, as happens with all new talents, I think can live with Evie winning this time. I did get to see a little of Evie loosing, as goes with just about every anything goes match. It would have been great to see a little more boxing action before switching over to the wrestling action, but so far I can say that it will be interesting to see Evie as she improves with time. Liv on the other hand is selling as I have come to expect, with lovely expression and just looking so good as she slowly goes to sleep. Topped off with a sexy pin and an extra silly KO in the end. This was definitely Liv’s show, but I’ll have my eye on Evie hoping to see her losing soon.

Overall Score: 9/10