Review of Anything Goes: LeAnn vs Madison

Review of Fem Wrestling RoomsAnything Goes: LeAnn vs Madison – 11.5 mins

Here we go! Voluptuous LeAnn meets strong girl Madison in the ring for a new anything goes match. The match begins quickly as LeAnn face punches a shocked Madison into a corner then administers some scissor pain and a body pounding bronco buster! But before you know it Madison has turned the tables and pounds on LeAnn with knee strikes to the chin, a surfboard, and a camel clutch. But when Madison moves in for a Boston crab hold, LeAnn reverses it and goes back onto the offensive. These two cuties really go at it with more of the standard anything goes holds until one girl manages to get the blackjack to hopefully administer the knockout blow. But the recipient has a hard head and needs a few extra punches to the face before she hears the birdies and loses the match! Please enjoy these two beauties in wrestling action!

More Anything Goes vids and another one that I totally love, much like many of the other videos, when you put two amazing girls in these great outfits it’s really hard to go wrong. Madison and LeAnn are both super beautiful and really talented, so no matter how this match ended I would have been happy. I liked that the action was back and forth, even though Madison did have control more often than not. I like the usual wide array of moves, a blackjack head bonk, that didn’t get the birdie sound effect that Madison wanted so a few punches to face fix that and of course one of my favorite things, the extra KO at the end where LeAnn wakes up but passes back out. I keep loving these anything goes vids, loving the match ups, the outfits and the outcomes. They can definitely can keep these coming.

Overall Score: 9/10