Review of Anything Goes: Charlie vs Amber

Review of Fem Wrestling Rooms Anything Goes: Charlie vs Amber – 13 mins

It’s time to find out which new female wrestler will become the Best Rookie of 2017. Amber and Charlie wrestle in this qualifying match to see who will proceed to the next round. They square off and Amber takes an early lead with head locks, head smashes on the turnbuckles, face slaps, a speedbag facial, a standing head scissors, some face punches, and a high bear hug. Charlie endures the pain and manages to scissor her strong legs around Amber’s waist as she’s held in the bear hug. A head butt forces Amber to release Charlie and the tables turn. The little rookie smashes her knee into Amber’s chin, puts her in a camel clutch, and demonstrates her powerful head scissors. But Amber comes to life and the two cuties end up in a double reverse head scissor that knocks them BOTH out! Your handsome producer does the count out but both beauties wake up to beat the count. OH THE DRAMA!!! In the end Charlie manages to make Amber hear birdies and take the victory with a matchbook pin. Charlie advances to the second round while Amber must fight Tani in another qualifying match coming soon!

More Anything Goes action, with this one carrying a little more weight than the other matches as this is the first round in a little tournament to crown the rookie of the year. I’m not going to lie, my vote is totally with Charlie, although if I was running the contest, the loser would be the one that moves on! I love jobbers. Anyway, this tournament is totally normal, so Charlie moves on, which is great. As far as the match itself goes, well it’s an Anything Goes Match. We get some great pro style action. Charlie loses for the first half, does a wonderful job selling her KOs and I really think Charlie is totally comfortable now and has been for a little while, she is selling great. Of course Charlie comes back to win the match, but not before giving Amber a chance to show of her selling skills and Amber also sell wonderfully. Almost as if she was trying to tell me that I shouldn’t be so quick to give my vote to Charlie. So overall, both rookies did great, both winning and losing, the outfits look great, love the fishnets on Charlie and as traditional Anything Goes match go, there’s great pro style moves, plenty of KOs and of course some light hearted silliness mixed it. I’m ready to see the next round.

Overall Score: 9/10