Review of Anything Goes: Boxing Blows

Review of Fem Wrestling RoomsAnything Goes: Boxing Blows – 11 mins

We join the lovely Lo in the ring wondering who her opponent will be. When we inform her that it’s Violet, the current Golden Blackjack Champion, Lo begins to laugh. Violet enters the ring, eager to come to blows with the statuesque Lo! The beauties exchange several hard punches until Lo manages to get the upper hand. Violet finds herself trapped in the ropes with face punches coming from everywhere! Here eyes stay in a dazed and crossed position as Lo has fun with her. Violet finds herself all over the ring experiencing hooks, uppercuts, jabs, and speedbag facial. The groggy beauty ends up falling out of the ring to discover a bag of spinach!!! She eats a few leaves, gains immediate strength, jumps into the ring to a fanfare of music then in fast motion punches the surprised Lo all over the place!!! In the end Lo ends up on the mat with the giddy Violet doing her victory pose! You’ll LOVE this campy video!

I know this is going back a few updates, but some videos just can’t be skipped. There are two things that really made me fall in love with this video, one is Rick’s humor. I always talk about how no one does silly videos like Rick does and I stand by that. He always comes up with these goofy ideas that always put a big smile on my face. And the other thing is, it’s boxing, boxing with silly reactions and Violet has become a star in the silly reactions category. Even though she does win in the end of this video, she does take a beating for a while and provide me with some of her excellent silly reactions. And Lo is no push over in that category either, she is not as good as Violet, but not many are. I get a healthy dose of both of those things in this video, silly boxing and Rick’s humor. Rick really got me to laugh out loud with what I call the “Popeye Tide Turn”. Which is where Violet is totally getting her but kicked, until she falls out of the ring and finds a convenient bag of spinach, devours a few leaves and suddenly becomes superhuman. Hops back in the ring and takes out Lo in no time flat. I truly believe no one else would come up with such a scenario for a vid like this and having Violet do it also adds to the goofiness, because Violet is just naturally silly and she can’t even help it. I enjoyed this one some much, I wrote all this and haven’t even talked about their outfits, which of course I love, would have been perfect with some converse boots for the both of them though.

Overall Score: 9.9/10