Review of Anything Goes: Becca vs Violet

Review of Fem Wrestling RoomsAnything Goes: Becca vs Violet – 13 mins

Violet is quickly becoming the eye crossing champion at FWR but that doesn’t stop her from taking on Becca in an anything goes match! Becca enters with her frying pan, a favorite weapon for finishing off her opponents but is quickly flipped, clotheslined, face slapped, speedbag facial’ed. low blowed, and head scissored. Now we won’t attempt to say that Violet is some sort of amazing female wrestler. She’s more like a lucky beauty who actually has no clue about what’s happening. Confident that Becca is finished, Violet decides to try a fist fight and taunts and teases the groggy Becca … until she gets punched square in the face by our blond champion! Violet’s eyes cross and she’s basically done. And those eyes!!! WOW! We won’t give away the ending but Becca puts sweet Violet into dreamland and ends up carrying her over the shoulder to the dressing room. You’ll love this match!

Another anything goes vid and another win/win situation for me, as Violet has been awesome so far and everyone already knows I love Becca. Also the fishnets are always a welcomed addition, for some easy plus point from me. Becca loses the first half of the match, which of course she did an excellent job getting tossed around by Violet, which was great to watch. Then of course in true anything goes fashion, Becca takes control and we get the great eye crossing and selling that Violet is getting known for. There was great reactions and overall silliness in the one, easily one of the sillier anything goes videos. Rick didn’t want to give away then ending in his description above, but I will here. Of course the frying pan comes into play, which is always great to see. But we got some overkill belly splashes after Violet was already out cold. She totally didn’t react to the belly splashes at all, but I do like the idea of adding a little extra action in, post final KO and before the final pin. Overall, this was a great anything goes match, one the really reminds me why I love this series.

Overall Score: 9.5/10