Review of Anything Goes: Becca vs Sinn Sage

Review of Fem Wrestling RoomsAnything Goes: Becca vs Sinn Sage – 10.5 mins

Becca, in one of her best “insane blond” performances, brings her favorite frying pan to the ring to wrestle the visiting Sinn Sage. Becca’s antics confuse the veteran female wrestler and before she knows it Sinn is gasping for air from a hard belly punch! Face punches, snap mares, cartwheel elbow smashes, face slaps, a speedbag facial, scissor holds, a Boston crab and camel clutch, and an impressive airplane spin has Sinn Sage staggering around the ring only to accidentally knock herself out with Becca’s frying pan! Becca plays with the unconscious beauty doing somersaults over her body, hand stand body splashes, and limp checks of Sinn’s arms and legs. A split pin 10 count, sexy victory pose, and a final “blackjack flapjack” bring this cute match to an end. Don’t miss it!

It’s always a treat when we get Sinn Sage to come play in our fetish for a little while, she does it all the time, but just not enough, in my opinion. Anyway, this is like a double or triple treat for me, as not only do I get Sinn Sage, but I also get a crazy Becca, with her best friend, her frying pan and her somewhat unorthodox move set. And also this isn’t your normal, everyday Anything Goes video, as not only is this match completely and totally one sided, but there is even a nice overkill ending, where Sinn is totally out, but Becca still does a few more moves on her. The last thing that happens in this video perfectly showcases the kind of silliness that went on throughout the video, as Becca adds a little extra KO to the end with a “blackjack flapjack”, where she takes the suggestion from her best friend, her frying pan, to use the pan to flip a blackjack back into the ring, which of course hits Sinn squarely in the head, knocking her out one last time. I love this vid, for all those reasons and makes this a unique anything goes video.

Overall Score: 9.5/10