Review of Anything Goes: Becca vs Reni

Review of Fem Wrestling RoomsAnything Goes: Becca vs Reni – 13 mins

Becca is getting bored of all her recent opponents and isn’t very interested in wrestling Reni until she finds out that Reni knocked out Madison. While Becca is talking to the humble producer Reni sneaks in a steals her precious frying pan setting the stage for a more even match! Reni takes control early in the match, punching Becca all over the place, bending her in a camel clutch, and having fun with her. But the rookie makes one mistake and wants to have a fist fight with Becca. She quickly finds herself in the corner getting punched out, scissored, and bronco busted! When Becca feels that Reni is finished she has to search for her frying pan which gives Reni a chance to get the black jack! But the crafty Becca catches on and ends up knocking the cute rookie out with her mounted punches and pinning her with a cute split pin. There’s a little fun after the match so make sure you watch it the whole way through!

Another Anything Goes match. I am a huge fan of these series, especially when it with two ladies who can both be great jobber, and especially when something new and/or different happen and this one has both. First, we have Becca, who you all know love and Reni, who’s been very good so far. So this is a really good line up for some back and forth action like is accustomed to this series. And as far as new things, Becca is talking to the camera while Reni sneaks and steals her patented frying pan, before coming out to actually start the match. That’ll come into play later, but I love what happened. The match goes about as expected, Becca almost starts in control, but a headbutt gives Reni starting control and she scores a few KOs on Becca before she makes the mistake of giving Becca a change to fight back. Of course Becca does fight back, gets a few KOs and goes one to win. These ladies put on a really good show for us, I couldn’t be happier with their performances. But I gets a bit better, Becca is wondering where her frying pan has gone and comes back after the match. Reni shows up with Becca’s pan, and you could imagine what happens next. Overall, this is another really solid Anything Goes match, I really like it when it gets a little extra creative.

Overall Score: 9.5/10