Review of Anything Goes: Becca vs Persephone

Review of Fem Wrestling RoomsAnything Goes: Becca vs Persephone – 12 mins

Becca starts this match off mocking Persephone’s height until she realizes the smaller girl has put on an outfit that nearly matches Becca’s. Well this enrages our blond who yanks the girl up into an airplane spin then works her over in the corner with slaps, a speedbag facial, and face punches. Becca continues the total domination of our little Persephone with a corner scissors, arm pulls, head locks, head smashes on the turnbuckle, some low blows, a corner post pull, a camel clutch, and lots more painful domination holds. Poor Persephone is finally left groggy in the corner as Becca prepares to deliver her signature cartwheel elbow smash. But as Becca spins through the cartwheel, Persephone ducks! Becca SLAMS her elbow into the turnbuckle! And angry Becca tries to use the black jack on her opponent but ends up getting flipped to the mat! Oh the DRAMA!!! Persephone smacks the groggy blond on the head with the black jack and before we know it, Persephone is pinning an unconscious Becca! We KNOW you’ll have fun watching our girls wrestle it out and you’ll also be treated to a little after match fun with Becca as she struggles to wake up!

Another entry into the never ending anything goes series and another vid where Persephone spends most of the time on the losing side, but does end up KOing Becca in the. Which is really just another win/win situation for me. I am really enjoying Persephone selling and acting, she makes a lot of great expressions, like when Becca was acting like she couldn’t see Persephone after she enters the ring, the look of annoyance on Persephone’s face is priceless and she sells the whole match very well too. Then of course we have Becca, who I always sells everything amazingly and I always love to see take a loss. The little extra stuff after the match is also great to see, a little different then the usual wake up and pass out thing. I also hope Becca does get a rematch, because there’s no losing for me, no matter who wins. The usual anything goes, pro style outfits look great on both ladies and I like the fishnets too. Overall, although not my all-time favorite anything goes vid, this one is definitely one the upper half of all anything goes vids.   

Overall Score: 9.5/10