Review of Anything Goes: Becca vs Persephone The Rematch

Review of Fem Wrestling RoomsAnything Goes: Becca vs Persephone The Rematch – 14 mins

Becca enters the ring carrying her favorite frying pan knowing that Persephone is one tough cookie. Persephone enters and decides that the winner of the match should get the cute red garter that Becca is wearing. The match begins and Persephone takes the early lead, punishing Becca in her humiliating holds. But Becca isn’t one to lose that easily and turns the tables on her cunning adversary, working the cute wrestler over with her own special moves. The action goes back into Persephone’s favor and she actually knocks out Becca to go for the pin. Persephone makes one mistake though and doesn’t finish the count because she’s too interested in getting the garter belt from Becca. Becca wakes up and attacks poor Persephone, finally knocking her out with a bop to the head. The final segment of this fun video features a great frying pan knockout and also a cute outtake. Don’t miss this one!

As I mentioned, it suck the Persephone had moved on in her life, leaving FWR, but at least we got a few last vids in and if this were to be the last one, I would be happy with this. In an unexpected fashion, this match actually has 3 momentum swings, instead of the usual one. So Becca takes control after losing of a while, then gets KO’s, but comes back just in time to take the win, and what was more exciting than your normal anything goes vid. I liked that this turned into a fight for Becca garter, I loved that Becca used it as a weapon against Persephone which also gave me some nice tongue protrusion. Another thing I liked was Becca’s KO and pin, then Persephone’s KO and pin, with some silly tongue out action of the KO and finally a final accidental frying pan KO that was also very silly. So overall, I get to watch Becca lose for a bit, then Persephone lose for a bit, with silly KOs and Persephone lost in the end, which is what I hoped for. Of course I still hope for more Persephone loses, but if this is then end of her era, at least this one was really fun.

Overall Score: 9/10