Review of Anything Goes: Becca vs Mindy

Review of Fem Wrestling RoomsAnything Goes: Becca vs Mindy – 12 Mins

BeccaThis fun video begins with Becca entering the studio to ask our brilliant producer if he would set up a match between her and Mindy. It seems that Mindy has been beating up and knocking out all of Becca’s friends and our cute blond wants to get some payback. The handsome producer agrees to set it up and we cut to a few days later with the two girls in the ring. After a bit of trash talk, Mindy sucker punches Becca and down she goes, knocked out cold! After pinning Becca, Mindy declares herself the winner of the shortest match in FWR history! But Becca quickly wakes up and groggily demands a rematch! The larger Mindy agrees and begins to punch out the blond once again, forcing her into a corner. Becca can’t handle the scissor holds and bronco buster that Mindy lays on her but still manages to avoid a running body splash to take the advantage! Our little blond then goes to town on Mindy with a piggy back choke, some scissor holds, a DDT, and a stunner that knocks Mindy out for the grapevine pin! This is a classic Davey vs Goliath match and one that we’re sure you’ll enjoy!

Another very nice addition to the Anything Goes series, with FWR’s humble producer giving Becca her wish, a match vs Mindy. I love how this starts, with Becca running her mouth and catching “The One Hitter Quitter”, KOing her instantly and giving Mindy the fast and easy win. Becca comes to and demands a rematch, even though she’s still dazed and rolling her eyes. I always rave about Becca’s selling and acting because it’s always so damn good. So, as always with these series, we do get a little of Becca losing before, which is much appreciated, before she takes control and dominates the much larger Mindy. Mindy sells awesome too, making Becca seem quite powerful, as Becca can control Mindy and KO her with ease. After Becca is declared the overall winner of this contest, we get plenty of victory poses as Becca flexes over the out cold Mindy and grins with smugness. As I said, it’s a great addition to this giant on going Anything Goes series.

Overall Score: 9/10