Review of Anything Goes: Becca vs Merry Meow

Review of Fem Wrestling RoomsAnything Goes: Becca vs Merry Meow – 11.5 Mins

beccaYou might have seen Merry Meow featured in matches produced by Sleeperkid’s World and now you’re gifted with her beauty here at FWR!! The stage is set, the weapons, a frying pan and a black jack, are placed in the corners, and the sexy red head is in her corner. Becca enters and tries to give her opponent a friendly hello … and is met with a punch to the face! Merry goes to town on our blond with plenty of jabs, face slaps, and a hard uppercut! A dazed Becca staggers out of the corner but manages to reach the black jack. When she tries to attack Merry she ends up being flipped to the mat for some tight head scissors. Merry continues her attack with a stunner and a DDT that has poor Becca stunned! But Merry Meow doesn’t know that Becca is a veteran of these matches and suddenly the tables are turned! Becca gets Merry in a corner and introduces her to the “Patented Fem Wrestling Rooms Speed Bag Facial”! After more punishment, the Atlanta red head ends up on her face for a camel clutch followed by an impressive fireman’s carry and airplane spin by Becca. As Merry staggers dizzily around the ring, Becca grabs the frying pan … that Merry unintentionally runs into, knocking herself out! A final mounted punch to the face ends this match as Becca does her signature “French count out”. And to add a little more humiliation, Becca rolls the visiting wrestler out of the ring and carries her over her shoulder back to the dressing room!

As I mentioned in a recent Velvets review, when SKW, VF and FWR get together, great things happen, this is another one of those great things. With another addition to one of my favorite FWR series, SKW’s Merry takes on Becca. As accustomed to this series Becca does take a little bit of a beating in the early stages of this one, only to comeback and dominate later. This one has some great silly details that I loved. From Becca’s failed attempt at using the black jack, to Merry dizzily stumbling into the frying pan that Becca is holding knocking herself out and well as some other moments. Both ladies sell excellent and look just a great in their pro gear. This is another great addition to this great series, with all the wrestling we love from FWR and the rare opportunity to see wonderful Merry Meow take on the amazing Becca.

Overall Score: 9.5/10