Review of Anything Goes: Becca vs Julie Winchester

Review of Fem Wrestling RoomsAnything Goes: Becca vs Julie Winchester – 12 mins

Becca was so excited for this match that she showed up an hour early to the ring where she met Rick who asked her if she brought her frying pan. Becca responded that she couldn’t hit a living legend with a frying pan, and that her stunner will be all it takes to win this match. Cut to an hour later and Julie in the ring. Becca, bounces in and is immediately sucker punched in the face, knocking her right out of the ring! Julie then goes to town on her but before long Becca is able to make a comeback and take the living legend out! While this match includes many of the standard “Anything Goes Match” holds and moves, you’ll LOVE how creative Miss Becca gets with her cartwheels, back bends, step-over flips, and a brand new move … the Steam Roller!

Another addition to the longest running FWR series and this one has a very good dose of extra silliness. I mean all of the anything goes vids are light hearted and silly but this one is a little extra then most, starting just as the match gets started. Becca enters the ring and is immediately knocked silly as she’s knocked out of the ring and that dazed and silly Becca takes a good beating for a bit. Becca’s come back starts with her doing cartwheels around the ring and once in control she continues to use flips, back bends and other fun and unusual moves, as well as some normal moves, to finish off her veteran opponent. Julie isn’t a bad jobber, but there’s not much better then watching Becca get knocked silly and stumble all around the ring. Most of the time both sides of these matches are pretty good and Becca’s offense was fun, but in the case Becca easily steals the show in my opinion.

Overall Score: 8.5/10