Review of Anything Goes: Becca vs Cheyenne

Review of Fem Wrestling Rooms Anything Goes: Becca vs Cheyenne – 14.5 mins

You may have noticed that we’ve been posting a lot of our Anything Goes series videos lately. That’s because we’ve got TONS of them in our files! This match features Cheyenne Jewel who informs us that she HATES the FWR blondes and plans to destroy Becca! We visit with Becca (with her biggest fan at her side) before the match and she agrees to the match as long as she’s allowed to have a black jack, frying pan, baking sheet, and folding chair at ringside. When all the terms are agreed upon, the beauties meet in the ring where Cheyenne immediately punches Becca square in the nose then lifts her up into a fireman’s carry. Becca begs and pleads to be let down but ends up dizzy and hanging on the ropes for some nasty low blows. But Cheyenne is a little too slow and when she winds up for a knockout uppercut Becca kicks her HARD between the legs! It seems that this is Cheyenne’s weak spot and she’s basically an eye rolling, groggy mess for the remainder of the match! Becca enjoys applying all the standard Anything Goes holds to poor Cheyenne, nearly knocking her out several times but still keeping her awake for lots of punishment! In the end, Becca uses the baking pan to spank Cheyenne and the frying pan to knock her out for good (insert birdie sound here)! Becca does her signature 10 count in French and rolls Cheyenne out of the ring. Cheyenne wakes up only to get hit with the folding chair and finally dragged to the dressing room by the blond beauty, Becca! Enjoy!

There has indeed been a lot of Anything Goes matches coming our way from FWR, at least one per update for a little while now, but there’s definitely no complaints about that coming from this guy. Keep them coming Rick, give me all you got, because I love this series and they are all good, some better than others, but I can’t think of one that I didn’t enjoy. So let’s talk about this one. This is by far the most one sided Anything Goes vids I can think of. Most of the time we get about half and half with Becca normally making the comeback in the end. This time Cheyenne has control for just about the whole first 2 minutes, then that low blow changes the game and Cheyenne it completely dominated for the rest of the video. As much as I do love a great Becca squash, seeing Cheyenne dominated is a definite treat. She is such a great seller and looks so damn good, I cannot complain about the Becca domination. Also Becca does make a great heel too, she just so smug and confident, absolutely works well for her. So as I said, Rick and the guy responsible for all these Anything goes vids, please keep them coming.

Overall Score: 9.9/10