Review of Anything Goes Battle for the Golden Blackjack

Review of Fem Wrestling RoomsAnything Goes: Battle for the Golden Blackjack – 14 mins

Our “Anything Goes” custom creator has decided that it’s time to start working toward a champion in his special matches! The combatants are Becca and Peyton and we’ve placed a black jack in one corner and a frying pan in the other. The winner of the battle will be awarded the coveted Golden Blackjack! Both girls are intent upon defeating each other and the battle rages back and forth. Peyton beats on Becca with face slaps, hair pulling, hair mares, head scissors, crotch smashes on the ring post, and corner work. Becca retaliates with a low blow, a standing head scissors, a Boston crab, and a camel clutch. The girls finally duke it out in the center of the ring and a SPECTACULAR double knockout ensues with the use of the frying pan and blackjack! Without a clear winner our handsome, muscular, dashing, manly, handsome, attractive, dashing, muscular, … anyway … the guy who produces this stuff ends up carrying both beauties out of the ring to set us up for a rematch!!

Our clearly very humble FWR producer is right about 2 things. One, he is so handsome and muscular, you got to use those words twice when describing him and two, this double KO finish is nothing short of spectacular. It was a totally brilliant idea and so well done, you just really have to see it in order to really appreciate the excellence of it all. And that’s just about the ending. The rest of the match is amazing as well and is definitely in the conversation for the best anything goes match yet. Every time you put Becca against Peyton, great thing are going to happen and this is just another outstanding example of that. This isn’t just the normal predicable “the girl at start out losing makes the comeback to win” type anything goes match. The tide turns a few times in this match and that definitely made it more exciting to watch. I also thing it ended the way it should, Becca and Peyton are so good it’s only fair that this match ended in a draw, plus, Rick didn’t even have a golden blackjack to give them, so he’s off the hook for that too. This is easily my new favorite anything goes match, which is saying something because there are so many great vids from this series, but this is easily the best and I look forward to where it goes from here.

Overall Score: 9.5/10