Review of Anything Goes: Battle for the Golden Blackjack IV

Review of Fem Wrestling RoomsAnything Goes: Battle for the Golden Blackjack IV – 11 mins

Now that Kat is the winner of the Golden Blackjack Award she must defend that title (as well as the golden blackjack). Becca, Kat’s first opponent, enters the ring wearing a long robe. She’s not very happy that Kat gets to choose her opponent’s wrestling outfit but we explain that as the champion, Kat gets to choose. Kat enters and an embarrassed Becca opens her robe to reveal a sexy one-piece thong suit with black fishnet tights and matching boots. After a brief stare down, the girls trade several hard slaps to the face and the match is on! Becca takes the early lead but gets too confident and turns her back on Kat. A swift kick between the legs drops Becca as Kat takes over. In the end Becca is smacked on the head with the blackjack and hears birdies and cuckoos before dropping unconscious.  Kat does a sweet schoolgirl pin and gives us some sexy victory poses before rolling the limp Becca out of the ring. Enjoy!

I was waiting for this video, after Madison and after Peyton, I just knew this was coming and I am happy I have finally seen it. Becca taking on Kat in one of these golden blackjack videos. Everything went exactly as expected. Becca shows up in the outfit Kat required, thong one piece, fishnets and converse boots, zebra pattern is a nice touch too. Kat shows up in her sexy school girl outfit. The match starts and Becca takes control, doesn’t last too long of course as Kat makes her come back, starting with a low blow and ending with a golden blackjack blow to the head and Kat takes her pin and the victory. Nothing surprising, nothing new, but was exactly what I hoped for and I am not going to complain about that.

Overall Score: 9.5/10