Review of Anything Goes: Battle for the Golden Blackjack III

Review of Fem Wrestling Rooms Anything Goes: Battle for the Golden Blackjack III – 11 mins

As you know, Kat defeated Becca and Peyton to win the coveted Golden Blackjack. She recently defended her title against Madison (see “Anything Goes: Kat vs Madison – The Rematch”) and now she’s meeting Peyton. Kat has made a stipulation that since she’s the champ then all her opponents must wear an outfit that she chooses so Peyton arrives in a hot pink thong with fishnets and the match begins. Peyton goes to work quickly by punching Kat into a corner for face slaps, punches, a speedbag facial, a corner head scissor, and a bronco buster. She drags the dazed champ into the center and continues the domination to include a killer Boston crab and camel clutch. Kat soon ends up hanging on the ropes as Peyton hits her below the belt with the golden blackjack! But although Kat is in trouble she manages to turn the tables on her foe and in the end retains her Golden Blackjack! We’ll let you purchase this great video to see all the action!

I love that these golden blackjack vids are becoming a series. Of course because there’s a connection storyline, that really only needs a quick touch before moving forward, but also because we’ve been getting an outfit trend. Kat comes in her sexy school girl outfit, while her opponents come in more traditional anything goes attire, with the one-piece bathing suits and converse boots, but in these vids we also get the addition of fishnet stockings, which I just love. Other than that we get a pretty normal Anything Goes match up. Kat loses for the first half, looking good, selling good, I am definitely a fan. Then Peyton takes over the jobber role and her in that pink one piece is nothing to sneeze at. She looks amazing and of course does great with her selling too. The golden blackjack KO was the only way this should have ended and of course it’s always nice to get a little silly reaction for that. So now we wait for Becca to get her rematch. I know she’s going to look fantastic in whatever Kat choses for her to wear.

Overall Score: 9/10