Review of Anything Goes: Battle for the Golden Blackjack II

Review of Fem Wrestling RoomsAnything Goes: Battle for the Golden Blackjack II – 14 mins

In the previous “Battle for the Golden Blackjack” match Peyton and Becca knocked each other out. Since there was no clear winner we decided to bring in a third wrestler, Kat, in the battle for the coveted Golden Blackjack! It’s clear from the beginning that Becca and Peyton aren’t happy that Kat has been included and work her over. Becca starts with an airplane spin. Some face punches, and some cartwheel body splashes. Peyton jumps in with a body splash to Kat, more face punches, and a speedbag facial! Then the girls double team poor Kat with low blows, knee lifts to her chin, a Boston crab/leglock combo, a body scissors/head scissors combo, and a double clothesline. Then the REAL fun begins! Kat ducks a punch from Peyton that ends up knocking out Becca (cue the eye rolls)! Peyton then knocks out Peyton with a black jack then goes on to have more fun with the girls with some impressive moves! We won’t give it all away but in the end, Becca and Kat have BOTH heard birdies and cuckoos and Kat holds the coveted Golden Blackjack! Enjoy!

Now this is not your normal Anything Goes video. As I said before this is was a Becca and Peyton update for FWR, with this being another vid starting both fan favorites. Next, it has three girls, and I don’t that’s ever happened for an anything goes vid before. Next is that this match is really more of a handicapped match then a three way, so Becca and Peyton work together vs Kat. Then best of tall, and most like an anything goes match, Becca and Peyton win for most of the match, but then make a mistake and both get beaten by Kat. This is another win/win vid for me, as Kat losing is great, she looks great and sells it great, but the really good part is once Becca and Peyton start losing. The fun stuff really kicks off here, all the lighthearted silliness Anything goes matches are known for. We get a couple of great KOs from both of them and then Kat pins them both with a double leg hook pin, for the win. As always, I love the KOs, love that they are silly KOs and I love that both Becca and Peyton lose. I also love the outfits, even Kat’s, the sexy school girl look is always appreciated, but Peyton and Becca with the shiny one pieces, fishnets and boots is super sexy. I was happy to see that there was actually a golden blackjack this time, as last time I believe Rick said there wasn’t one. I was also happy to see some nice extra bonuses, for me, Kat dumping both Peyton and Becca out of the ring and that extra KO where Peyton and Becca wake up of a moment just to pass back out again. There no way I couldn’t call this one of my favorite anything goes videos, it’s one of the most unique vids in the series and both Peyton and Becca lost in the end. Great stuff.

Overall Score: 9.5/10